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It was about 100 years before Sholdt Design even existed that the building we are in was founded. In 1884, Seattle Brewing and Malting Company, now a days its known as The Old Rainier Brewery. It was not until 1935 (the same year that Sholdt Design, jewelry in Seattle  was founded by the one and only Milton Sholdt!) that they began brewing Rainier Beer here in Seattle, Washington. Now, Sholdt Design is here,  in the The Old Rainier Brewery,  80 years later making our very own piece of history inside this epic building in Seattle, Washington.

custom jewelry in seattle
custom jewelry in Seattle

Sholdt Design today is located on the backside of the building in The Old Rainier Brewery, on the ground floor almost directly under the iconic “R”. Our space has an open floor plan, cement floors, and vaulted ceilings.  Being that we manufacture jewelry in Seattle, Washington, it makes for a fun customer experience. When you walk in the door, there are windows looking into the shop and on most days, a friendly rottie to greet you at the door. Pearl is the shop dog of Sholdt. We love giving tours of the shop and showing people how Sholdt jewelry is made. It’s an incredible art and we’re proud to share it!



We were lucky enough to receive five original stainless glass windows from one of the old beer tasting rooms here at the The Old Rainier Brewery. Between the stained glass, our 125 year old safe, Sholdt Design has some pretty incredible pieces of history right here in our shop.


So, if you are in Seattle, Washington and looking  looking for an engagement ring, custom jewelry in Seattle or just want to see some cool stuff, give us a call here at Sholdt Design today to set up an appointment!

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