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Sholdt, Seattle & Buying Local

The Holidays are here! It’s time to start thinking about shopping!

Sholdt wants to be your own personal jeweler and create unique experience that makes you feel like you are part of the Sholdt family. We love getting to know our customers and finding the perfect jewelry piece.

What does buying local mean us?

     Small businesses are the back bone of the economy. Where we shop, where we eat and have fun — all of it makes our community home.  Local businesses are owned by people who live in the community, are less likely to leave, and invested in the community’s future. Sholdt is the perfect example of this since 1935.

When it comes to  handcrafted items, raw materials are better, the workmanship is superior, and the finished product is something treasured for a lifetime. 

There is an irreplaceable element of the designer or producer in every handcrafted item – a spirit and soul that stamps each item. This is something that is difficult to be replicated in factory where things are mass produced. Artisans are able to use their creativity and skill to create items that are custom, one of a kind, and unique.


We at Sholdt pride ourselves on handcrafted quality. The  jewelers at Sholdt are masters of their jewelry trade and take great joy in what they do. It shows by creating the most beautiful handcrafted pieces of Sholdt wedding and engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

Here is a link to our Instagram, you will see we frequently add custom pieces here.


Each jewelry piece is made here in our Seattle, Washington based workshop to fit each customers desires.

Custom Ring Design
Heather our amazing CAD designer at Sholdt. This is the first step to your custom jewelry piece creation.


Sholdt has been in Seattle, Washington for over 80 years. This is our home!  With this kind of longevity, Sholdt has the ability to serve our customers, both our retail customers and our local Seattle area customers for generations to come.

custom jewelry in seattle
Sholdt is located in Seattle in the Old Rainier Brewery building.

3 Ways to contact us

1.Click Here to schedule a convenient time for us to meet if you are located in the Seattle area.

2. CLICK HERE to Contact us!

3 Give us a jingle (206) 623-2334


At Sholdt we will create your custom jewelry, build a friendship, and maintain those for years to come.



Inspiration for our Engagement Ring Collections

When it comes to designing and engagement rings each designer finds beauty and excitement in different things. Where do you draw your inspiration from? If you look close at each Sholdt ring you will notice the organic and feminine feel to it. When Brian Sholdt first started designing jewelry he found much of his inspiration […]

Custom Jewelry Design

custom jewelry design

Ever wonder where your custom jewelry design journey began?   Creating custom jewelry is a fun process. Everyone here at Sholdt takes great pride in building each and every piece. Ever heard of the phrase, “Home is where your story begins”? Our story is begins the same way.  Every custom jewelry design is molded and […]

Sholdt Jewelry- Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Jewelry Design

Who would have thought that at the age of 31 years old I would be running my family business, Sholdt Jewelry? Custom Jewelry Design?!  Most days, I still can’t believe it. Growing up, I never would have imagined sitting here at Sholdt Jewelry in Seattle, Washington. I wanted to be a mom, a gymnast, or […]