Sholdt Today

In early 2014, Brian and Dusty’s career goals felt fulfilled and it had come time for them to hang up their hats. Kalee, the fourth generation Sholdt, took over ownership on the eve of what will be Sholdt’s 80th year in business. Having been immersed in the jewelry world since childhood, Kalee felt at ease committing to continue the institution that her family had created.

“I remember coming into the shop when I was a little girl,” says Kalee. “My grandpa would give my siblings and me pennies to roll out in the mill. We would pump up waxes from the old molds to find the coolest ones . It’s something I remember so vividly. Never in a million years did I expect to run the family business. Now here I am!”

And avid lover of people, Kalee’s workday is gratified by her interactions with those who knock on Sholdt’s door. It’s been through her work in the office, and with the craftsmen, that she’s come into her own. Her boisterous laugh, ready smile, and lifelong knowledge of the trade blurs the line between business and genuine friendship. On any given day, you’ll find the little furry face of Pearl, the shop dog/door greeter, sitting next to Kalee – Pearl keeps her smiling as she owns and operates the business that bears her last name.

Together, Kalee and Pearl insure that everyone who comes to the door feels welcomed. Kalee grins, “I love what I do. I get to play with pretty things and help make people happy. Not many people get to say that about their professions.”

With more jewelers carrying the line each year, Sholdt has carved a distinct presence in the trade. Influencing future markets with new forms and motifs, their jewelry speaks for itself through its craftsmanship and heart. The wonders of their jewelry creations, all actualized in house, bring people back time and time again. Yet always, for Kalee and the Sholdt family, it will always be about more than jewelry – it’s about family, friends, and life.