Coming of Age

Throughout the ’80s, advancements in the trade allowed jewelry retailers to host repairs in-house instead of employing trade shops. Sholdt had heed to this changing trend and adapt to the times. Brian and Dusty began augmenting their repair work with a small custom line known as “Rain City Rings”. Brian took the reins with design work, and Dusty stepped up from the workbench to oversee operations. To give their line a more personal feel, the name was soon changed to “Sholdt”.

Because Sholdt employed its own shop – a rare thing in the trade – the designs were conceptualized with the input of the craftsmen that would build them. As a result, the wedding rings embodied a perfect blend of artistry, beauty, and emotion. Customers and critics embraced them wholeheartedly. In the years that followed, Sholdt was honored with several important design awards, including the AGTA Spectrum Award Best of Show and the prestigious DeBeers Diamonds Today Award.

As sales of the line grew and orders kept coming in, the boys were often pressed to expand their operations overseas to keep up with the growing demand. However, Brian and Dusty remained true to the Sholdt way of business and vowed to keep production in Seattle. They continued to employ the most gifted craftsmen available and took on new work only when they felt readily able. As a long-term result, many of Sholdt’s employees have been with the company for 25 years or more and each piece from the line is created with the utmost care.

“I think our biggest strength is the talented team that we work with,” says Kalee, who joined the brothers in business in 2007. “Together, we have the ability to create anything a client wants or needs. We have so much accumulated knowledge that it allows us to do and try what others won’t touch. It’s our niche.”